The Best Outdoor Summer Workouts You Can Do For Free

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During winter, the gym is your shelter from winter storms and judgmental eyes during your bulking phase. However, once summer rolls around it’s time to shed those extra calories (and your shirt) and enjoy some well earned vitamin D. The outdoors was the original gym and working up a sweat in the sunshine is one the best ways to break up your workout routine.


Honestly, you should have been able to think this one up on your own. Running has historically been the best way to burn calories, boost endorphins and escape predators. It’s also a good way to get a workout in on a recovery day without putting too much stress on your body. You don’t have to become one of those “running people,” but a few miles can feel pretty good after several months with only the squat rack for scenery.

  1. While standing, put your left leg in front of your right leg.
  2. Put your right leg in front of your left leg.
  3. Repeat with increased intensity until a comfortable rhythm is established. 

Bench Dips

Body weight exercises may seem wimpy when you’re used to throwing up iron, but after a couple sets of bench dips, you’ll see why even dudes in prison can stay ripped. By using a common park bench to anchor a dip, you’re hacking recreation.

  1. Sit on a bench and grab the edge of the seat with your palms facing down.
  2. Hoist your butt up and extend your legs out straight. Shift your torso forward so that your weight is balanced on your hands.
  3. Bend your elbows and lower your butt toward the ground. Use your core to keep your torso perpendicular to your legs.
  4. Straighten your elbows to return to your original position.

Bench Pushups

You thought you were done with the bench? Guess again. Your shoulders and tris already got a taste of the power of the bench, now it’s your pecs and biceps turn.

  1. Face the bench and lay your hands on it at an angle.
  2. While holding the bench, keep your arms straight and walk your feet backwards. Lower your chest toward the bench until you reach an inverted pushup position.
  3. Bend your elbows and lower your chest until it’s touching the bench.
  4. Straighten your elbows and return to your original position.

Pull Ups

There’s a reason that the unathletic kids in school hated pull ups – they’re hard and they get you ripped. Supposedly, the whole reason we have opposable thumbs was to help with reaching and climbing – a pull up connects you to your primal nature, so don’t be surprised if doing them outdoors awakens something within you.

  1. Find something beyond your grasp (literally, not metaphorically) that can support your weight, like a ledge, pipe or branch.
  2. Stretch, jump, clamber or otherwise figure out a way to securely dangle from the object with your arms roughly shoulder length apart.
  3. Using your arms, chest and core, raise your chest above your hands in a fluid motion.
  4. Lower yourself back down to your original position in another fluid motion.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers could theoretically be done anywhere, but we’d recommend some nice, soft grass – sand and pavement would probably be too hot and hurt your hands (necessary for reaching and climbing).

  1. Prop yourself up on the ground in a pushup position.
  2. Quickly bring your left knee to your chest, then extend it back to its original position.
  3. As soon as your left toe hits the ground, pull your right knee up to your chest, then extend it back to its original position.
  4. Repeat!

Outdoor Summer Workout Routine

You can combine all of these exercises into a brisk summer outdoor workout. We’ve set some pretty basic recommendations for reps and duration, so you can modify it to match your fitness level.

Running – 10 minutes

Pullups – 3 sets of 10

Bench Dips – 3 sets of 10

Mountain Climbers – 2 sets of 1 minute bursts

Bench Pushups – 3 sets of 10

Running – 10 minutes

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