Shoulder Pain

Eric Mallack

Shoulder surgery

I had right shoulder surgery years ago,
and the Heliopatch helps control my
pain and keeps me active. When I tried
the patch, the effect was almost
immediate and lasted for hours. I am
definitely using this again.
Jeff Wyke


I have suffered with painful shoulders for years, It is
very rare to go through a single day without my
mind being constantly reminded of the pain in my
shoulders….That is, until NOW. I applied new
patches to BOTH shoulders. WOW!!!! After 1
week, I had experienced almost total pain relief
EVERY DAY in BOTH shoulders!
Great for Crossfit Injuries
I’m that guy in crossfit that always gets injured. I’ve
had knee injuries, ankles, shoulder, you name it.
Just used it on some swelling on my shoulder and
it works pretty good.