Heliopatch is the only product to use electrons chemically instead of electrically. When electrons act chemically they want to bond with a molecule, they cannot just stay free floating. The molecules that they bond with are free radicals. Which are molecules that have a missing or unpaired electron.
We use specially refined elemental magnesium as the source of the electrons. This is the metallic form of magnesium and is very different from what you get in supplements or vegetables. Those forms have already lost their electrons.


We chose elemental magnesium for the following three reasons –
1) It can donate with the greatest energy of all the safe elements. Which means it can target the most radicals
2) It can donate two electrons for every one atom. This is part of the reason each patch can last up to 72 or more hours.
3) Magnesium is nutritious for the body.


This equates to pain relief and normalizing of range of motion because free radicals are a major component of pain creation, so by neutralizing them before they have a chance to steal an electron from the body we can help reduce the various issues created by free radicals.


Another way to understand it is that Heliopatch is acting as the anode or electron source in a battery and the free radicals in the body are the cathode or electron sinks. Ions such as sodium (Na+), potassium (K+) and magnesium (Mg2+) are also delivered into the body just like in a battery they are transferred by the electrolyte. Everything else that dealt with electrons and people always just treated the person as a wire or the lightbulb, the electrons never stayed in the body to have any therapeutic effect. This is why Heliopatch is so unique, able to be patented and many people feel energized or good wearing it.

Pain Relief

Reduces pain. Helps normalize range of

Natural Treatment

Responds to your need. Drug Free.
Menthol Free.

Targeted Delivery

Focused on area of pain. Electron
donation therapy.

The Human Half-Cell Effect

Physical exertion can cause free radicals to escape and attack your cells. Heliopatch provides relief as  the result of neutralizing these molecules through the following process:

When the patch is applied, magnesium in the patch oxidizes, releasing naked electrons into the body. Positive ions from the potassium and calcium also migrate into the body.

Electrons from the magnesium seek out positively charged free radicals, providing them with an electron they would otherwise steal from healthy cells in your body.

The neutralized free radicals are now harmless. The more free radicals you have within range of the patch, the faster the transfer of electrons and ions takes place, making the Heliopatch a self-adjusting remedy.

Why Other Options Fall Short

Pain relief rubs such as those with menthol, applied directly to the skin provide some relief, but they are temporary and simply mask the pain.

Anti-inflammatory pills can alleviate the enzyme-generated pain and inflammation, but these can take a toll on your stomach and liver in the process. Pills are also impossible to target to a specific area.

Typical antioxidant supplements don’t have much effect, plus these molecules are slow, most get destroyed in the digestive system and they cannot be directed to where the body really needs them.