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Knee pain

Heliopatch - Free Trial
had pulled the tendons in the back of my leg & my knee was so painful & swelled everyday. I used the Heliopatch & the pain went away. I used it for 3 days. Took it off for showers & I just stuck it on Wax paper to keep it till I put it on again. I will order again


Seem to really help my chronic, severe pain. They worked as good as the narcotic patch.

Heliopatch Works

I have muscle pain from lifting boxes of files and such. Heliopatch works within 30 minutes on my pain!

Even worked for my herniated disc

I have a herniated disc in my lower back and have been through countless types of treatment, medicines, and products but nothing helps well. Doctor's say I need surgery. So I tried heliopatch since I figured I didn't have anything to lose. I waited until I had a bad flare and placed the patch directly on my back where the disc is and within minutes the pain subsided. Now, it didn't completely get rid of the pain but I no longer wanted to scream and cry in pain which is huge. I have had the patch on now for almost 24 hours and have not had any issues or anything over very minor pain. Very surprised!

Did nothing

No difference at all. Tried different areas. I was so hoping it would help me. Glad to hear others are getting relief from it though. I appreciate the free sample to try out.

Great patch!

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this patch worked. I have arthritis in both knees, but the left hurts more than the right. I am a nurse an I'm on my feet alot. I placed the patch where I thought it hurt, like the package said. I got it in the right place on the first try. I wore it for my 8 hr shift and hardly any pain! Thank you! I just hope I can afford to buy them.

Amazing experience

My right hip was bothering me, I applied the heliopatch. No more pain. Worked within 30 minutes.


I found great relief from this for the first time in forever it seems. Only downside, the sticky residue and cant really reuse multiple times :( that's why only 4 stars or I would have given 5 had it been reusable.

not happy

placed patch on heel could feel it working, went to work and the patch was moving all over my foot, the pain came back. Didn't even make it 3 hours

They work fast and long

Bought 5 more saving my golf game

Relief past the tingle

After initial tingle phase I got great results. Will continue to rest.

I was so hopeful

I was SO very hopeful this would finally be the product to help ease my terrible ankle pain. It honestly DID, for about 15 minutes, then, nothing.
I wished I’d had more than just one patch to try, and also that they covered larger suface areas.

Pain relief

I have bone spur on my shoulder and have had pain so bad that just moving my arm has brought tears to my eyes. I was willing to try anything to get rid of pain and some relief!!! I have cancer and take the least amount of pain meds as I possible can. I was very pleased that this has helped me and I still hurt some but it is drastically reduce!!! Thanks you so much!


Love it works great. Definitely recommend




I was skeptical, but I was also desperate! I've been living with severe, chronic pain, for almost five years.
I took advantage of the single patch free offer. While I have multiple pain sources, my low back pain is significant. With one single patch, I got amazing pain relief; and in a very short amount of time. I WILL be ordering more Heliopatches! Easy to apply, and quick, complete relief. I highly recommend the Heliopatch!

So far the best thing i have tried

I have tried the Osmo patch and many other things for my trochanteric hip bursitis and nothing has helped ease the pain, but this patch has. I still have very little pain, but is much better than it was. I ordered the trial one where you just paid shipping and noticed relief within a couple hours. I decided to order more and just got them today. I get them within a couple of days. So far I am sold on these. Thank you so much for coming out with this.

Great patch !

Love Heliopatch, it works great and relieved alot of the pain. I ordered more and can't wait to get them.


This is the first patch that I have purchased that actually does what it says it does. I suffer from what I consider severe sciatica. I am in constant pain and can very rarely get full relief for any amount of time. I saw the helio patch and decided to try it. So glad I did. Now I have days where I can walk with out limping or being hunched over in pain. Only down side is that placement has to essentially be perfect to receive any sort of relief. Other than that I would totally recommend anyone with any sort of muscle, joint, or back pain to give helio patch a shot. You won't be disappointed!

Trial Offer

Received trial patch. Put on it on and wore for a bit and tried to move it as I thought I may have not put it in the correct place for the pain. When I peeled it off it stuck to itself and after that was useless. But, that was my own fault for not being more careful peeling it off :( Anyway, for the hour or so that I did wear it I believe there was "some" relief. I have ordered a 5 pack and am awaiting that so I can try it again. So, for now, 3 stars. Will review again, if I can, once I get the 5 pack and have it on longer to verify if there is in fact any real relief.

It works!

I have multiple problems but I tried this patch on my mid back pain from being a pet groomer and bending over my tub and table 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. The Heliopatch started working within 30 mins and worked my entire shift. No pain in the area that caused me to usually take 4-6 ibuprofen a day to be able to function. After I got home I removed the patch and put it on the painful top of my foot that hurts everyday also. I slept with it there and woke up pain free on that foot in the morning. That's all the life the patch had for me but those 2 pain free areas for the day definitely helped. Looking into buying more to maybe help cure the pain when used frequently! Thank you so much for this!!




At first, I wasn't quite sure if I applied it correctly. However, after the day is over, it did minimized the pain/swelling from my lower back/SI joint. How long do I keep the patch or should I ask, how long can i keep it on? I've had 2 lumbar fusion surgeries and this is the first that I felt relief. Your product is innovative!


I think it worked a little but I still had pain and to tell you he truth i counln't affor $5.00 every day that is expensive

Good Except Skin Irritant

Helped somewhat with pain. However it irritated my sensitive skin so this is a decided drawback.

great product

I have tendionitis in my left elbow and with in a day of use the pain has gone away love the patch


I received my free sample (amazingly quickly) and put it on last night. I've had piraformis pain for years. Last night was the best night's rest I have had in a very long time. I must have hit the bulls eye on first application. I removed it to shower and apparently missed the mark on first try re-applying it, but found the same relief within minutes of adjusting the placement.

I've not been so impressed with a new product. EVER!

Thank You!!!


Within 5 minutes my lower back pain was reduced75 percent. Felt some heat as well on the pain site. Will purchase more !!

Love it for pain,however..

I am living on disability,there is no way I can afford these patches,the cost is way to high.
Too bad


I'm not sure if it helped or not. I've recently been diagnosed with some serious nerve damage in my lower back. I put the patch on the point that hurts the most, and couldn't tell any difference.

Still waiting for them!

Waiting for them so I can try them!

Great Stuff

I would recommend the patch & I will be reordering for my personal use. Good Job Guys


Works great gives me much relief

Relief in minutes

I tried this patch on my husband for his back pain. Said it worked better than any of the other patches he's tried.

Helped a bit

I was surprised at the small size. I just don't believe the price is worth it. A patch only last a day? Too much money for what it is. I won't be ordering more. Right for some but not me.


Within one hour my pain was much better!


I've had chronic neuropathy plus sciatica for many years in my left leg. The patch has decreased my pain! And I've tried everything. It's worth trying!

Love this

I've tried a lot of different patches, creams and ointments on my joints in the past. I admit I was sceptical reading the reviews of this product but I figured its free so give it a go.
I tried it on my knee and I can't tell you the relief I felt. I decided to not wear it the next day to see if there was a difference--it was like night and day.
I decided then to order a box with a reoccurring shipment so I won't be out.

Positive results

Seems to be working on my shoulder.. wondering how long it will last to help me heal.. how do I get more if it works?

Seemed to work

I used the patch on my arthritic knee and it seemed to reduce pain.

Finally some real pain relief

I have terrible hip bursitis from my job. I am severely alergic to NSAIDS and every doctor could only tell me to take those and ice, it was frustrating and the pain wasn't letting up. One day with this patch on and I could stand on my feet for the day with no pain. It was amazing, to be honest I didn't think it would work, but I was willing to try anything. I will be stocking up on more soon.


I did feel relief of sciatica pain in the area I placed the patch. I do think if I used the patches for a longer duration i may indeed find my low back pain decreased significantly but they are to expensive for my fixed budget and this time. Thank you. .

Good product

I have tried so many things and I do believe this helped tremendously.


I had gotten the free trial patch, and I have to tell you what it worked amazing. I hate getting the shots in my elbow they don't even last that long for me anymore and this worked amazing after using it one day. I love it.

Order shorted

I didn't receive all that I ordered

Chronic Pain

Hello. I have chronic nerve pain and migraines so I decided to try this patch out to see what would happen. I know it is not it's intended use, but it did lessen the pain. Now I'm not saying this is the cure to all your ailments, but I would definitely recommend trying it. I am highly allergic to adhesives and it did not irritate my skin too badly. I was very pleasantly surprised. I used it on my shoulder/ neck area and I was able to function better than my normal pain level. Unfortunately the price is a little high for only helping slightly for me, but for its intended use, it may be a welcome relief to the pain. I highly suggest trying it out.


Couldn't believe how well the patch works


I was so surprised to not hurt after about 20 minutes. I am so happy. I have bone on bone in both knees and this takes my chronic pain away. I still can't believe it!!! I am a dancer and instructor and need to dance every day. I have used everything with no relief Thank you for making me dance without the terrible pain. I can't say enough about this product. If you are debating please try it

It really does work (for me anyway)

I've tried a LOT of different pain remedies and honesty, most of them didn't do anything but waste my money. I'm happily surprised my free sample relieved my refered lower back pain from a arthritic hip (that's being replaced next month). I bought more and will try on my brachial plexus pain.


Heliopatch - Box of 5 Patches