Competitive Advantage and How It Works

What is Heliopatch?

Heliopatch is a patent pending device that uses very specially treated elemental magnesium as a source of electrons. As the magnesium corrodes, its electrons are transferred into you, where they neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are often associated with pain, and so the pain is neutralized. Because it is applied externally to the area of pain, you’re able to directly target irritated areas, as opposed to the general pain treatment of oral pills. Because you don’t ingest Heliopatch, there is no foreseen digestive system interaction with other medications and supplements. Likewise, this won’t affect your stomach or liver in the way that other medications for pain can. There is no drug to be metabolized, just electrons and the nutrient ions that make up the patch and the gel. You can expect an increase in potassium and magnesium when you use the patch, and these are very safe ions with a very wide range of safe dosages.What kind of injuries does Heliopatch treat?

Heliopatch doesn’t treat injuries. It treats the free radicals that are often the result of injuries and exertion. The ideal type of pain for a Heliopatch patch is one that is local to one particular tissue and has a known cause. If a pain is of unknown origin or persists for long periods, we suggest you see a medical practitioner. Likewise, if the pain increases and intensifies, you are probably not using the patch for something it is effective on. Discontinue use and seek medical advice as increase in pain is an indication of something progressive and is beyond this system which is only designed to support pain relief after normal wear and tear from sporting activities.

Why is Heliopatch superior to competitors?

Pain relief rubs applied directly to the skin provide some relief, but they are temporary and simply mask the pain. While anti-inflammatory pills can alleviate the enzyme-generated pain and inflammation, these can take a toll on your stomach and liver in the process. Pills are also impossible to target to a specific area.

Typical antioxidant supplements don't have much effect plus these molecules are slow, most get destroyed in the digestive system, cannot be directed to where the body really needs them, and when they do perform as an antioxidant the rest of the molecule is now a waste product.


How long can I use Heliopatch patches?

The patch has no set lifespan, it is totally dependent on the individual user how long it lasts. Those with high levels of oxdidative stress will find the patch gets used up within a few hours, but those with little oxidative stress, can have a patch last days. The patch is literally acting as half a battery, making you the other half, so if you have high oxidative stress levels it is like streaming a video on your phone, where as lower levels is most like just texting.

How often can I use Heliopatch patches?

As often as you would like. Currently, we have not seen any indication of overdose, withdrawal, or tolerance with Heliopatch. We do not recommend first time users having the patch on while sleeping, to make sure you do not have some negative reaction. If you have a fever or infection we suggest that you discontinue using the patch until you feel better. This is designed for performance enhancement in healthy individuals who know what the source of their aches and pains are.

How many patches can I apply at a time?

It is safe to apply as many Heliopatch patches to your body as you’d like. If you apply multiple patches to a concentrated area, they will work in concert with each other to supply ions and electrons to your body resulting in a longer and more potent period of sustained relief. The more patches you apply together, the longer these benefits last.

How long until I feel results?

The speed of the effects varies depending upon the source of the pain. Pain that has no physical tearing, such as sciatica or tendinitis, involved can be relieved very rapidly, sometimes within minutes. Other sources of pain such as torn ligaments and tendons will continue hurting, regardless of the pain reliever you use. If you continue to damage such an injury, the pain will be there to stop you from continuing to do such counterproductive behaviors.

Are there any known side-effects or drug reactions with Heliopatch patches?

Heliopatch is unlikely to interact with drugs. Skin irritation is the only known potential negative side effect and it can be avoided by simply removing the patch when irritation is noticed. Though our patch does not work with an electric current, it does use electrons and if too many electrons or ions enter the skin in one confined area in people with very sensitive skin this might cause an irritation.

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