Lower Back Pain


Just Awesome

I injured my lower back when going up
for a rebound playing basketball, and
ordered the Heliopatch to help with
the pain and inflammation. It came
super quick and when I put it on it
helped me immediately.

Wrestler with chronic back pains

I wrestled my entire life throughout
college, but my back still aches me. I
bought a few of them as
recommended by my old college
teammate. I work the patch on my back
while working out in the gym, and it
worked. I like how you can put it on like
a bandaid and take it off easily.

I had a constant pain in my lower back.

I had a constant pain in my lower back. Used
Heliopatch for the whole day and it has now
been a week and I have not had pain or any
discomfort and can move without worry of

Pain gone

I tried this last night on my lower back and
within minutes my sciatic pain was gone and
I was feeling a lot better. I really enjoy how
simple it is to apply the patch and the quick
relief you get right after. You made a believer
out if me! Thanks for a wonderful product
that works!