Knee Pain

Nicole Vickey

Cool healing

Currently using this to treat my knee
problems. When I use ice or rubs, I can
feel the effects from them. This patch
helped reduce my swollen knee with no
John Malek

Helps With Knee Inflammation

I recently injured my knee doing
crossfit and there was definitely
swelling and inflammation for a few
days. I used it on the knee where it was
swollen. It definitely helped reduce the
swelling and it’s a lot easier to handle
then ice packs. I would definitely
recommend for someone with a
swelling injury.
Amazon Customer

Knee Bursitis

I used Heliopatch for my knee bursitis, It drastically
reduced my pain within minutes and after a few
days of using the product, the pain was gone. The
patch worked very well for the knee and I highly recommend it for anyone with acute pain.


I am a dancer and instructor and need to dance
every day. I have bone on bone in both knees and
this takes my chronic pain away. I was so surprised
to not hurt after about 20 minutes. I am so happy. I
still can’t believe it!!! Thank you for making me
dance without the terrible pain.
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