1. Recognize that the patch may cause skin irritation, including scaring if the irritation is ignored and patch used continued on the same area.
  2. Discontinue use or move patch 2 inches, right away, if feel itchiness or burning.
  3. Do not use patch adhesive on extremely delicate or thin skin.
  4. Do not use patches during pregnancy/breast feeding.
  5. Do not use if have or have had cancer or tumors.
  6. Do not use patches on children.
  7. Keep package away from children.
  8. Use patches only as directed.
  9. Stop patch use if you have an adverse reaction or symptoms after or during use such as itching, dermatitis or an allergic reaction. Contact your Physician.
  10. Do not sleep with patch on.
  11. Do not apply the patch directly to the eyes, mucous membranes, wounds, cuts, sores or rashes.