Ankle and Foot Pain

Amazon Customer

Alternative Pain Relief Works

I bought a few packs and I am currently
using this on my plantar fasciitis for my
right foot. I applied it to my heel and it
works good for around 10 hours or so.
Kurt Fenchel

Product Works as described!

I just injured my ankle and my doctor
said I needed cortisone shots. I used
this instead and it worked to reduce
the inflammation before I got the


I am INSANELY excited about this product.
Currently my ankle mobility has been so bad that
when sitting at my chair i can not properly put my
heel on the ground, with in ten minutes of using
this product i was able to. There is no odor, I had
no itching or uncomfortability. This is really going
to change the game of rehabilitation. Cannot wait
to get more!!!


I ordered Heliopatch because even after giving
many pairs of running shoes a try, I still continued
to have pain in the ball of one foot and heel of
another. After using the Heliopatch at night before
bed, the pain did not return the next day.